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Selecting A Surveyor
Some tips on how to select your Surveyor: Experience There is no substitute for experience - beware, some larger surveying firms use newly qualified surveyors to carry out the inspection and the senior partner or director "signs off" the report and may not have seen the property. Our directors have years of experience surveying residential properties and we know the problems to look for and what advice to give. Local Knowledge Some firms will travel out of their normal geographical area of operation to do a survey - not only will they have limited knowledge of the local area but their Professional Indemnity Insurance (PII) may not cover them for "out of area work". The surveyor's local knowledge is very important - there can be local ground problems, local flooding, local construction methods such as cob walling etc that an out of town surveyor is unlikely to know. Independent Some of the larger Estate Agency firms own or are connected to surveying companies. If one of these surveying firms is carrying out a survey on a house sold by the parent company will the surveyor be acting in our best interests? We act on your behalf giving impartial and independent advice. Regulated by RICS Choose a firm which is Regulated by RICS. This ensures that the chosen firm is monitored regularly by the RICS monitoring department. You therefore know that the firm will comply fully in respect of all RICS Regulations such as Professional Indemnity Insurance (PII), Complaints Handling Procedure (CHP) etc. Cost of the Survey The cheapest survey price is not necessarily the best as a missed defect could cost more in the long run. Pre-Survey Consultation The RICS recommend that the surveyor has a pre-survey discussion with you. This is intended to, firstly, identify precisely which survey is required for the property. Secondly, identify any particular concerns you may have, thirdly to agree a fee and timescales. It is at this point that you should ensure the surveyor meets the above criteria as well as being approachable and a good communicator. The report that they prepare needs to clearly communicate to you the condition of the property and the surveyor's recommendations. Once you have received the report you may seek clarification on one or more issues. Good communication at this point is also necessary. If you still have doubts about your surveyor then check out: http://www.ricsfirms.com/ Why Hammond & Shaw? Hammond & Shaw are a firm of long established Chartered Surveyors, covering the South Devon area. As Chartered Surveyors we specialise in Building Surveys, HomeBuyer Surveys and Valuation Surveys and we are well known in the area for our quality of service and professional approach. As Chartered Surveyors we aim to provide a fast, friendly service with concise, jargon free reports. Unlike some firms we are regulated by the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors (RICS), meaning the quality of our service and reports is monitored on a regular basis to ensure we are compliant with the RICS requirements for Professional Indemnity Insurance (PII) and Compliants Handling Procedure (CHP). We offer a full range of surveys to suit all requirements including Building Surveys, HomeBuyer Surveys and Valuation Surveys.